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Val and Tom Peterson are the new owners of the bakery in Belle Plaine. They took over the business yesterday.

Firemen watch as the barn at Oakwood Subdivision Rages.

It took less than 10 minutes from the time firemen set the blaze until the roof caved in.

Celebrating the arrival of warm weather - After a long, cold winter with three hefty snow storms in mid March there was jubilation over the balmy temperatures during the long Easter weekend.

According to the financial statement at Blakeley Cooperative Elevator’s annual meeting, a loss of $4,409 in 1988 was a marked improvement over the $67,940 loss in the previous year.

A 14-foot tall leprechaun overlooks Highway 169 from Hutton’s Cafe rooftop welcoming people to Belle Plaine’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Friday evening also had a fair turnout of those who didn’t fear the white stuff. Above freezing temperature are predicted for the rest of the week which should turn the snow to mush.

With the touch of a few keys, Judy Hoglund (right) programs the computer to make her and her opponent’s race car go while Bill McDougald (left) and Lance Westphal wait their turns with racers in hand.